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Get to know Cikumas
Cikumas is a 4 week old start up, founded by Felix Fuhrken and Alexander Degenhardt. The website you are reading this on right now is the Cikumas Trial website.
It is designed to demonstrate Cikumas's idea and vision, and gather feedback with it's alpha testers.
You'll see that when you're reading long texts, it's hard to keep track of all important statistics and information, therefore Cikumas's inline questions helps to keep you focused. For example:
How many weeks is Cikumas old?
Our goals
As you just saw, questions inline with the text help people focus on what they just read. Even people skimming the text will remember the most important points. Cikumas's goal is to become an easy-to-use platform for reading comprehension and learning reinforcement.
Both a tool for short in-class assignments, and a good place to assign and monitor homework.
Cikumas strives to become a platform for...
The concept
Students often have trouble remembering both concepts and specifics from texts, either because they skim read it, or because the text is long, and therefore they miss important details.
Did you enjoy this demo?
The Future
We look forward to seeing where this product ends up. Please if you have any feedback, either go through "Contact" at the bottom of this page, or send an e-mail to info@cikumas.com.
Thanks for trying out Cikumas.